Our Strength

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Collegiate Administrative and Athletic Hires

Omnia Search is the first search firm to use metric based hiring solutions in academic and athletic leadership.  Let us help you create more deeper and more diverse hiring pools.          

International Recruiting and HR Solutions

Our partnership with NPA has allowed us to recruit on a global scale.  We have a global reach within NPA that touches 6 continents and more than 165 countries.  As well, we now can provide you with a broad array of HR solutions, helping you mitigate your HR risk as you expand into new global markets.

Our Founder

Justin Stalek

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Corporate Turn Around, Staff Development, Government, Military, DOD, Sales,  Tactical Gear Industry,  Collegiate Executive Search

Executive Search

With turnover rates climbing at alarming rates across all sectors, metric based hiring solutions are becoming more vital to the hiring process.  

Our Vision

Military-DOD/ Government, Non-Profit Hires

Time and time again, organizations within this sector, have made bad hires.  Many of these hires were based solely on a person's contact list, not their skills.  With our vast experience and relationships within this space, we can help you find the talent that will get the job done. With shrinking budgets, the right hire is more important than ever.

Staff Development Solutions

Developing your internal talent is not easy. With Omnia Search, you will learn solutions to help develop not only your employees' strengths, but your team as well. Our brand new enterprise staff development technology can and will help on-boarding, current staff development and separation policies.

Succession Planning

Finding the right candidate is only part of what we do to help you to find the next great leader of your organization.  Whether you are looking from within or outside, let us, help you, develop your leadership transtion roadmap.

Our vision is to help non-profits, universities,  professional sports teams, government and the private business sector develop a solid foundation. We are committed to continuous innovation, therefore offering the best solutions for staff development and executive hires.  We will work to find the right fit for you.  Change the game!