Our Services

At Omnia Search, we understand how important that next big hire is. Whether the position is your next head coach, sales, executive or operations, you need a firm that can concentrate on your needs.  You need a firm that actually has been there making those tough choices just like you.  We are a full service firm.

We want to be your partner in finding the right person for the job.  With such a competitive environment, you need a partner that can help you see through the haze.  That is what we do for you, help you find that vision for your program or business.  We use our time-tested and matrix based decision process to get the right fit for your organization.

Our vetting services are the tops in the industry. We just don’t solely rely on a database.  Due to our work in the Military sector, we have the most thorough background check procedures in the industry.  We have a team of investigators that go to the local courthouses.  Our team searches not only criminal, but we do civil case checks as well.  We go this extra mile to make sure we get the most correct and thorough information.  We also offer, credit, education and pre-employment verification.  We have many other background check services available. So don't be hesitant to ask!
Whether you are looking to take that next step or need some help righting the ship, we offer the expertise on how to get you there.  We offer a comprehensive evaluation of your athletic program or business.  Our innovative internal staff development tools, allows you to answer the questions about your strengths and weaknesses of both employees and your team.   We are introducing a brand new enterprise HR solution that will help in all phases of your employees tenure.  It is a first within this industry.  We help guide you in the steps it takes to help answer the questions of who you are and where do you want your department or your company to be now and in the future.